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2017/2018 » Teknik och kommunikation » Bachelor of Marine Technology, Maritime Management, Captain » PROFESSIONAL STUDIES » Operational Level STCW function 3 » Stability 2

Stability 2

Kod: MM14O305
Namn: Stability 2
SP totalt: 1,5
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): År 1:     År 2: 1,5    År 3:     År 4:     År 5:     
Förkunskaper: Stability 1
Kursspecifika kompetenser: The student understands the fundamentals of ship stability and is able to apply them in practice.

The student knows the national and international requirements with reference to ship stability. The student knows static and dynamic stability, stability criteria for different vessel types and knows how to perform an inclination test. The student knows how to perform stability calculations in order to deter-mine whether the vessel fulfils the national and international requirements concerning ship stability. The student is able to read hydrostatic tables and curves, dead weight scale. The stu-dent knows how to perform trim calculations.
Kursspecifika kompetenser (fil):
Undervisningsspråk: Engelska
Ansvarig utbildning: Maritime Management

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