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2017/2018 » Naturbruk och miljöområdet » Master of Natural Resources, Natural Resource Management » ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL STUDIES » Leadership and Communication » Professional Communication

Professional Communication

Kod: NRM16LC01
Namn: Professional Communication
SP totalt: 4
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): År 1: 4    År 2:     År 3:     År 4:     År 5:     
Kursspecifika kompetenser: The student:
- knows how to find, assess and summarize information as well as data related to natural resources and environment
- is able to function and appear as an expert within his/her own field and communicate actively in varying professional contexts
- is able to choose forms of communication and convey information taking the target group into account
Kursspecifika kompetenser (fil):
Ansvarig utbildning: Natural Resource Management

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