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Master's thesis

Kod: LSD14MT03
Namn: Master's thesis
SP totalt: 15
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): År 1:     År 2: 15    År 3:     År 4:     År 5:     
Kursspecifika kompetenser: At the third stage the student masters the methods and practices used in the branch to be able to analyse and complete the thesis. The student is able to document the final results and report the project according to good ethical principles. At the final seminar the student is capable to give a presentation as well as to publish the thesis. The main responsibility for completing the thesis lies upon the student. After the final seminar the thesis is evaluated by the supervisors.
Kursspecifika kompetenser (fil):
Undervisningsspråk: Engelska
Ansvarig utbildning: Leadership and Service Design

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