Emilia Hobin, Master of Culture and Arts

Emilia Hobin Master of Culture and ArtsWhat have you studied?

I graduated from the Master's degree program in Leadership & Service Design during the semester of 2014-2015. I also studied Textile Interior Design at Novia, graduating as a Bachelor of Design in 2011.

What are you working with?

I work as a concept manager in the housing company Forenom Oy in Helsinki. I work with conceptualizing processes in finding the best ways to better serve our clients and making our employees daily work as enjoyable yet efficient as possible.

How do you feel that the studies prepared you for working life?

Studies in textile interior design gives me an eye in creating spaces suitable for their purpose. The art in making a space as inviting and functional as possible is the foundation on which every environment should be built on. Service design has expanded my understanding in what is essential in a good customer experience. A customer journey in all its different stages can determine whether a customer experience is successful or not. The understanding of the importance of these stages help create concepts for functions and processes that support the achievement of a successful experience for both the customer and the employee. My studies in Service Design gave me the tools to research and identify inadequate parts in services and methods to further develop them.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

My goal is to become a professional in conceptualizing processes and to deepen my knowledge in what is essential for a successful service from the point of view of both the customer
as well as the business. In five years, I wish to have built a successful career in finding creative solutions that both customers and businesses benefit from. Ideally I will be service design director.

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