Degree Studies

Bachelor degree studies

A Bachelor's degree requires between 210 and 270 credits or 3.5 to 4.5 years of study. All Bachelor degree programmes in English are offered as full-time studies. One credit requires 27 hours of work. The workload for full-time studies is 1600 hours or 60 credits per academic year.

Studies for a Bachelor's degree include:

  • Basic and Professional Studies
  • Elective Studies
  • Practical Training Periods or Work Placements
  • A Bachelor's thesis or a Final Project


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Master degree studies

A Master's degree requires 60 or 90 credits (equivalent to 1-2 years of study). All Master degree programmes in English are offered as part-time studies. One credit requires 27 hours of work.

 Studies for a Master's degree include:

  • Advanced Professional Studies
  • Elective Studies
  • Degree thesis


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The curricula for all of Novia's degree programmes can be found here.