Students from Sustainable Coastal Management

Students from the Bachelors Degree Programme in Sustainable Coastal Management were asked for highlights from their studies.
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sustainable coastal management

Highlights, autumn 2020

  • "Novia’s Sustainable Coastal Management programme has exceeded my expectations. To me, the highlights are the fieldworks, where we get to put into practice what we’ve learned during the lectures given by knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers.”
  • "The best experience so far was the fieldwork week at Tvärminne Zoological Station. Especially going out with the boat to the island with the rock pools. The whole area was so beautiful, and it was very interesting to see all the different species living there. Who knew so much life existed in such a small place?”
  • “Instructive studies with hands-on experience in a wonderful environment, with motivated and skilled teachers"
  • “It is refreshing to study in a group instead of sitting at home alone.”
  • “If you are concerned about coastal issues and want to explore them deeper, then apply to Sustainable Coastal Management , one of the few programmes in Europe, which gives such an opportunity.”
  • “The value and uniqueness of this program is the constant practical training and teachers with a practical background. I think this is super important - this is the only way to get relevant skills and knowledge.”
  • "During the studies, we constantly involve in fieldwork, communicate with invited speakers - experts in their field, learn to use different equipment.”
  • “We become versatile in our education and understanding of the environmental problems.”