Lisa Naeve, Sustainable Coastal Management


I am Lisa. I fulfilled my school education in Germany and studied environmental Biotechnology in France where I learned a lot about laboratory work, biology, chemistry, and biochemistry but also about applied environmental technologies in diverse fields.

Lisa Naeve

Why did you choose Novia UAS and Bachelor of Natural Resources, Sustainable Coastal Management (SCM)? 

SCM was the ideal program for me wanting to set a new focus in my educational career. The program recognizes two years of previous education so the bachelor's degree can be achieved within two years. The course content called my attention immediately and my expectations were met. The program is very diverse and gives an insight in broad aspects of environmental matters but especially on issues concerning water and water body management and in particular the coastal areas of the Baltic Sea. The courses are taught in different ways so that it is possible to lay a personal focus on different interests already during the studies. This allows the students to conduct the final internship in various fields. All in all, I am very happy about my choice.

What is living in Raseborg like?

Living in Raseborg is very idyllic. Everything in Raseborg can be reached by foot and that makes living there so refreshing. The student residence is close to the campus, so it is easy to build contacts to other students. Each season gives its own sparkle to the city and its atmosphere. It is very different from other places where I have lived so far due to the town's village character and the unique position at the beautiful Baltic Sea. Raseborg is the ideal place to study Sustainable Coastal Management and offers many possibilities for practical projects in field.

What are your plans for the future?

I aim to study a master's degree and pursue my career in an environmental field.