Jency Simon, Nursing

Backgroundjency simon

My name is Jency Simon and I am from India. I chose to study in Finland because of the high quality of education it is known for and it is relatively affordable to study here as compared to other foreign countries. Moreover, the quality of life and lifestyle in Finland is one of the best.

Tell us about the degree programme you are studying on

I am studying for Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing. In this degree programme we will become a registered nurse who are qualified to work in hospitals, elderly homes and in different medical care set ups.

Tell us about your practice

I have done my initial practices at an elderly care unit, where I saw a different set up of elderly people with different problems being taken care off. They were provided help and assistance with their daily activities which included assisting in maintaining hygiene, feeding, rehabilitation, outdoor and free time activities.

At present I have started my practice at Vaasa Central Hospital where I am learning different procedures being done in a hospital setup. I am learning how it is to work in a hospital as a nurse for all ages and how it is to document and do different procedures as it was taught to us at school.

What is living in Vaasa like?

Living in Vaasa has been a calm, safe and cool experience. It is a vibrant city during the summer. It is an affordable city to reside and a student friendly city as well.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to complete my remaining courses and practices and become a registered nurse and work as one. I wish to gain experience in my profession, and I wish to become an effective and efficient resource for my employer.

Why would you recommend your degree programme to others?

I would recommend this programme to others due to several reasons. First, in my opinion the probability of employment is relatively high in the profession. However, you cannot become a nurse if you do not have the zeal for becoming one. There is stability in respect with career and monetary perspective and an opportunity to use the skills, knowledge and experience even in other countries.

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