Billy Bett, Nursing

Backgroundbilly bett

I am from Kenya. I studied in Kenya before moving to Finland where I started to study Finnish language to improve my Finnish speaking skills. I personally enjoy my experience here in Finland and it is really interesting to get to know and learn Finnish culture as well.

Why did you choose Novia UAS and DP in Nursing?

I choose this programme mainly because my friends, who I knew before I came to Finland, recommended me to apply. They also studied in this UAS and now work as nurses. They recommended Novia because it is one of the best schools that offers maximum training to their students. I choose to study nursing because I personally like helping and caring for others in need of medical attention.

What is living in Vaasa like?

Life in Vaasa is one of the easiest life that I have ever experienced. Life here in Vaasa is quite interesting mainly because most of the people living in Vaasa are students so when you live here you can expect to have many student friends that you can hang out with in your free time. Vaasa is also a peaceful small city that is not too busy compared to other cities in Finland, which is of benefit especially for students.

What are your plans for the future?

My future plan is that after I have graduated I would like to continue and specialize on surgical nursing and to work as a scrub nurse.

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