Master of Culture and Arts, Leadership and Service Design

Degree: Master of Culture and Arts
Field of study: Arts and Humanities
Extent: 1,5 years 60 credits
Location: Turku
Application period:

No admission 2023


The programme is organised in cooperation with Turku UAS and Novia UAS in Turku. A Master in Culture and Arts requires 60 ECTS, Master in Hospitality Management and Master in Business Administration require 90 ECTS. The studies are intended for active professionals in the fields of culture, business administration or hospitality management, who want to further their career development. The different professional and cultural backgrounds of the students will provide a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

The programme is organized as part-time studies which will include contact and distance studies. The contact studies will take place every second weekend or once a month (Friday and Saturday). You can work with different development tasks or projects connected to working life or to your own work place. The courses are tailored in building blocks of leadership studies, service design and innovation, marketing and finance.

For the students who have an earlier Bachelor’s Degree in Culture and Arts (240 ECTS) the studies consist of 60 ECTS (1.5 years):

  • Advanced studies 20 ECTS
  • Elective advanced studies 10 ECTS
  • Master’s thesis 30 ECTS

Study objectives

The Master’s Degree Programme in Leadership and Service Design answers the constantly growing competence requirements and needs in design, businesses and working life. The profile of the programme is on the combination of design thinking, business and society and the focus is on the area of service design. To learn to design, develop and implement the tasks by sharing information and communication in collaboration with the customers and stakeholders belong to the main objectives of this programme. The different professional and cultural backgrounds of the students will enable a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

The degree programme delivers generic competences and programme specific competences. The competence includes knowledge, skills and attitudes. With the programme specific competences the student will be able to:

  • perceive the possibilities that design and service design enables as a holistic and interdisciplinary approach in the context of developing business and society
  • develop one's approach to problem solving, innovativeness and creativeness through design thinking
  • practice and share expertise in teams and networks from different disciplines and cultures
  • create and manage professional networks
  • consider the cultural, social, economic and ecological aspects of sustainable development and understand how they may be interrelated

The language of instruction

The programme is offered in English.

Study contents

The studies are tailored in blocks of following advanced studies, master’s thesis and elective studies:

  • Introduction to Leadership and Service Design
  • Research and Development
  • Managing Organisations
  • Service Design and Innovation
  • Master’s Thesis
  • Elective Studies

Choosing a main subject or field of specialization

The students who have an earlier bachelor’s degree in culture and arts have the possibility of choosing their elective studies from the areas of Research and Development, Service Design and Innovation or Managing Organizations. These studies are automatically included in the studies for bachelors in business and hospitality management.

Final project

The Master's thesis is a working life based development project and an important part of the Master’s degree. The Master’s thesis is a demanding development project or research work combining theory, praxis and creation of new knowledge. The thesis subject and aims are based on requirements and needs of working life. The thesis is an applied study research and it emphasises development of the work, the organisation or the working community. Conducting the Master’s thesis project requires independent and demanding expertise. The student gives proof of mastering the methods of retrieving information, research and development as well as the skills of adapting research information in an analytical and critical manner.

In the Master’s thesis the student is able to:

  • combine theoretical framework and pragmatic work with the contextual needs in a development or research project
  • network and communicate professionally with relevant organisations and communities
  • evaluate critically sources and methods, select the suitable ones and use them systematically and ethically
    document, report and give a presentation of the project or research status and the final results


Career opportunities

The programme leads to a higher professional qualification and it is strongly oriented towards working life. After studying in this programme the students will be prepared to work with leadership and service design tasks within different organisations which want to develop their services. The programme also gives students an insight in starting or developing their own business. The studies give students an advanced knowledge base for leadership tasks of multi professionals and tools for the future leadership challenges in the business.


The Master’s Degree Programme in Leadership and Service Design is a university of applied sciences post-graduate degree.

Under the Finnish legislation, a person who has taken the Master’s degree is qualified for posts or positions for which the qualification requirement is a second-cycle higher education degree. In some cases, the qualification requirement also includes the completion of studies in certain specified fields of study. The degree falls under the Article 11 of the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the recognition of professional qualifications, level e.


An international learning environment will be realized by students and teachers having an international background and experience.

Co-operation with other parties

The studies are planned and organized in a multi professional way in collaboration with Turku UAS and Novia UAS.

The focus, study contents and ways of implementation of the programme are planned together with the working life interest groups. Close contacts and co-operation with the working life also continue in programme implementation and continuous development.

Postgraduate study opportunities

With a Master´s degree, students are able to continue to university post-graduate studies.

Current service design projects and thesis subjects

Development and improvement of services for different companies and organisations:

  • Ideation and development work for the IRM-Tool project (innovation resource moderation) for maritime industry and creative branches
  • Co-designing the most efficient means of online marketing
  • Developing user-centered ideas for successful integration of immigrants
  • Concepting a new consulting service for a HR-company
  • Developing a socio-design project based on non-profit


Some recently published Master’s theses


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