Fact Sheet

Name of Institution:

Yrkeshögskolan Novia / Novia University of Applied Sciences

Erasmus Code: SF VAASA13
Address of the Institution: Wolffintie 31 and 33
Post Code: 65200, Vaasa, FINLAND
Website: www.novia.fi
Head of International Relations: Ms Camilla Pundars-Mitts
E-mail: Camilla.Pundars-Mitts@novia.fi
International Coordinators: Ms Isabelle Bonnet; email: Isabelle.Bonnet@novia.fi 
Ms Katja Bonäs; email: Katja.Bonas@novia.fi 
Contact Person for Incoming Exchange Students:
Campus Åbo (Turku): Ms Isabelle Bonnet
Aboa Mare: Ms Isabelle Bonnet
Campus Raseborg: Ms Isabelle Bonnet
Campus Vasa: Ms Katja Bonäs
Campus Allegro Jakobstad: Ms Katja Bonäs
General Information  
Website for Incoming Students:
Academic Calendar 2021-2022:

The autumn term starts at the end of August (different dates at different campuses) and ends 31 December (in practice before Christmas). The spring term starts 3 January and ends 17 June 2022. Please note that in many Degree Programmes students have practice placements during May and June and there are therefore no or just a few courses on offer.
The European Project Semester (EPS) starts in February and ends in May.

Application Deadlines: 1 May for autumn semester and 1 November for spring semester.
Practice Placement in Nursing: 1 March and 1 October for Nursing students wishing to have a practice placement.
Application Procedure: http://www.novia.fi/exchange-students/application/
Language(s) of Instruction:

Languages of instruction: Swedish and English. Most Degree Programmes taught in Swedish offer courses in English for exchange students. Required English level is B2.

Courses offered in English: http://www.novia.fi/exchange-students/courses-in-english-2/
Projects offered in English: European Project Semester EPS, 30 ECTS (http://eps.novia.fi) Campus Vasa
Language courses: Professional English is offered in some Degree Programmes
ECTS Credits in Use? Yes.
ECTS Grading Scale in Use? No. The following scale is used for all types of evaluations/examinations:

5 = Excellent, 4 = Very good, 3 = Good, 2 = Fair, 1 = Pass, 0 = Not approved.
Some courses are only marked as approved/not approved (GK = Approved, 0 = Not approved)

Accommodation information  
Is accommodation offered? Students are responsible for arranging the accommodation themselves. Application form and information available online at:
In Vaasa: http://www.voas.fi or http://studiebostader.fi/
In Turku: http://www.tys.fi
In Raseborg: http://www.kustfast.fi
Please contact the international coordinator for more information about the student accommodation in the town of Jakobstad.
Cost of accommodation: 300 € - 500 €/month (depending on the type and location of the apartment).
Is the accommodation organized prior to the student’s arrival? The students must apply for housing and pay the deposit on time. Make sure to book the apartment from the day of your arrival.
Are kitchen facility and basic furniture available in the students’ accommodation? Basic furniture available in furnished apartments.
Orientation programme: In the beginning of each semester.
Mentor/Buddy Programme: Yes – tutors for incoming students.
Monthly Living Expenses: Rent: 300 € - 500 €
Food: 250 €
Transportation: 30 €
Leisure and personal expenses: 50 €
Insurance: Exchange students are covered by Novia’s accident and liability insurance during studies and practical work and trips to and from the study place/workplace. The liability insurance covers damages caused by the student at the study place/ workplace. Students are themselves responsible for having a health insurance that is valid at the study place/workplace and for having enough insurance cover during their spare time.

The insurance should be obtained before arrival to Finland, and it should cover costs resulting from illness or accident (doctor and hospital charges, including medical treatment and hospitalization, medication, and costs resulting from interruption of the exchange).
It is also highly recommended to obtain an insurance for personal belongings and third party liability.