Accommodation in Turku

The Student Village Foundation in Turku (TYS) provides accommodation for exchange students and trainees. You can apply for accommodation on-line at

You can choose between the Student Hostel in the Student Village, in which exchange students have a room and a bathroom of their own but share a kitchen with nine other students, or a flat that you share with one or two other students. From a social point of view the Student Hostel is nice but if you prefer peace and quiet you should choose a flat. In a flat you have your own room but share kitchen and bathroom with one or two other students. The flats are situated in Varissuo, about five km from the city centre. The rental agreements are made for a minimum period of four months except for trainees who pay rent for the actual number of months that they stay in Turku.

The Housing Anywhere platform allows you to choose from rooms listed by local students or verified landlords and securily book accommodation prior to your arrival. As a student/intern at Novia UAS you are entitled to priority access to all accommodation available on Housing Anywhere. Sign up here to receive a Novia VIP profile on Housing For more information check the local guide on living in Turku here.

Accommodation in Vaasa

In Vaasa student housing is provided by the Student Housing Foundation, VOAS and by Lärkan.

Apartments can be booked on-line at  where you will find more information.

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The apartments are situated in different locations around the town of Vaasa.

Linna and Ahvenranta are located in Brändö (Palosaari in Finnish) are located close to the campus area.
Olympia is located in Vöråstan (Vöyrinkaupunki in Finnish) in the centre.
The student house Suviboxi is situated in Sunnanvik (Suvilahti in Finnish) is about 2,5 km from the hospital and 3,5 km from the centre. There are good bus connections from Suviboxi to the Central Hospital.

If you want a furnished apartment please write "Furnished apartment" in the field other wishes. Box apartments are shared by 2 or 3 students. Each student has his/hers own room but share kitchen and bathroom. If two (three) of you want to share an apartment you can apply for common accommodation. See the instructions on the application form.

Please note that you need to rent the apartment from 1 August (or 1 September) to the 31 December for the autumn semester and from 1 January to May 31 for the spring semester. The apartment is available from the starting date. You pay rent for the full month even if you move out earlier.

Apartments can also be booked on-line at where you will find more information.

The foundation owns two houses in Vöyrinkatu 4 and 6. The buildings are located near all services and educational institutions.

There is a shortage of apartments in Vaasa so please make your reservations early.

Accommodation in Raseborg

In Raseborg the Student Housing is provided by Fastighets Ab Kustregionens utbildningsfastigheter. They have got student apartments at two locations at the campus area. The most common housing among exchange students is a room in a shared apartment (305€/month). You will have a room of your own and share kitchen, bathroom and balcony with two other students. You can also stay in a studio, a one-room apartment with a kitchenette and bathroom (390€month). All apartments are furnished and the rent includes a water fee, internet, electricity, free laundry room and sauna twice a week. Please note that smaller items like kitchenware or bedlinen are not provided. Kitchenware can be rented from the student housing office.

Fill in the online application here:

Fastighets Ab Kustregionens utbildningsfastigheter
Britt-Marie Rehn
044 739 7358
Raseborgsvägen 9, 10600 Ekenäs

Accommodation in Jakobstad

Exchange students applying for accommodation in Jakobstad should contact the International Coordinator in Vaasa.