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Heading for a Bachelor´s degree? Still not registered as a degree student? Open Path Studies offers you a start to your degree studies! Open path studies at Novia are designed for first year students, and gives you an opportunity to study up to 30 credits in one year.

As an open path student at Bachelor´s level you apply as an open student to a degree programme of your interest that offers path studies.
As an open path student you will follow a curriculum open for path students, and you will participate in regular education together with the degree students.

Path Studies 2022-2023 in English

Nursing Open Path Online, Bachelor of Health Care, (Vaasa) >



Application for Nursing Open Path will be open June 1st - August 7th 2022

Important information

Remember that open path studies can be full time studies for you, however open studies do not entitle you to any social benefits. All courses in this programme for Nursing Open Path Online will be conducted online.

When you have completed 30 credits through the Open UAS, as an open path student, you can apply to become a regular degree student.  There might also be other requirements to become a degree student. Please read important information  in the application form for this path.

For more information, please, read about Open UAS /Open Path  studies in general here.


The cost for Open Path  is 200 euro per academic year. (2022-2023).