Mindspring Trainer Course, 5 ECTS

Free spots Yes
Price 75,00 €
Application time 09.05.2022 08:00 - 16.09.2022 23:59
Credits 5.00 sp
Course language Svenska, English
Time 23.09.2022 - 30.11.2022

Target group:
Everyone who is interested in the Mindspring method and becoming a group leader/Mindspring trainer.
The course requires own experience of integrating into Finnish society.

After completing the course the student:

  • has knowledge of MindSpring group Programme as a Method for support, during an integration process into Finnish Society.
  • has understanding of Mindspring method's theoretical foundation and implementation plan.
  • has ability to lead a Mindspring group by doing Exercises according to the MindSpring Manual.
  • should after completed course be able to plan, perform and evaluate a Mindspring group programme.

Course content:
Introduction to MindSpring - methodology and theoretical framework
Introduction to themes included in the MindSpring short group program according to manual
Development of shared identification with group members through sharing of own experiences of migration
Exercises according to the manual and extra material
Planning of implementation under supervision
Mentoring and group dynamics
Group manual with exercises for parent groups, youth groups and child groups (9-14 years of age)

Learning methods:
Compulsory and active participation in lectures, discussions, and exercises.
Sharing and reflecting on own experiences of migration and integrating into a new culture.
Individual planning of an MindSpring group meeting session.
Literature studies of the MindSpring Manual.

Time and Place:
23th September at 15-19
24th September at 9-15
28th October at 15-19
29th October at 9-15
12th November at 10-14

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Campus Alere
Wolffskavägen 31
65200 VASA

75€. A link for Payment will be send for those who have to pay (Open UAS students) after start of course.
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Contact persons:
Nanette Westergård, 
Johanna Sigfrids,