Curricula 2017–

Degree Programme in Industrial Management (240 cr)

English translation, degree programme conducted in swedish.
Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
Qualification title: Bachelor of Engineering
Duration of studies: 4 years
Study type: Full-timeFull-time
Realization plans

Core Studies

48 cr
PRE14MA     15 cr
TKV14MA013    3 cr
TKV14MA023    3 cr
TKV14MA033    3 cr
TKV14MA043    3 cr
TKV14MA05 3   3 cr
PRE14SK     15 cr


The student

- can communicate coherently and in a professional manner both orally and in writing, in a work context
- demonstrates appropriate knowledge of the process of academic writing and a correct use of references
- can use different channels to retrieve information and compile reports according to the standard form and layout
3    3 cr


- the student is able to express him-/herself orally and in writing in a professional way in work related situations as well as communicate with customers and partners
- is familiar with the essential terminology within his/her own field and can understand specialist literature during studies, in his/her future profession and in his/her professional development.
- shall show such knowledge in Finnish that is required of public employees by the law (424/2003). This means that the student must show satisfactory (grades 1, 2 or 3) or good (grades 4 or 5) ability to use Finnish in speech and writing. Oral and written skills are graded separately.
 3   3 cr

Finnish for Engineers

- the student is familiar with and has a good understanding of oral and written business communication.
- can understand technical and trade texts and terminology in Finnish.
- is familiar with the Finnish business life and culture.
  3  3 cr

English for Working Life

The course enables the students to become confident in using English at work and in situations connected with work by providing them tools for basic job related documents and, to improve their understanding of grammar to allow them to work more successfully in English
The course will also give tools for students to be able to negotiate and manage meetings and other working life related situations in English, while at the same time developing fluency in English.
3    3 cr

Technical English for Engineers

The course enables the students to understand the differences between Standard English and language for special purposes
Students will also broaden their knowledge of common features of academic and technical writing and are able to apply their skills to their future engineering reports
Students learn how to express themselves orally by presenting and discussing technical phenomena whereby they will also be given tools to expand their grammatical knowledge and engineering English vocabulary enabling them to use a greater range of structures while speaking and writing in English.
   3 3 cr
PRE14EA     18 cr

Introduction to Academic Studies

The student

- is familiar with his/her UAS, professional field and individual learning style
- reflects on his/her studies and future plans and is aware of the significance of personal development in relation to life-long learning and the profession
- can generate new knowledge and create personal learning environments
1    1 cr
TKV14FE013    3 cr
TKV14RE013    3 cr
TKV17TR01  3  3 cr
TKV14LEA01  5  5 cr
MAP16DA013    3 cr

Mechanical Professional Studies

77 cr
PRE14FY     15 cr
PRE14ME015    5 cr
PRE14FY02 5   5 cr
PRE14ME02 5   5 cr
PRE14PT     9 cr
PRE14PT013    3 cr
PRE14PT02 3   3 cr
PRE14PT03   3 3 cr
PRE14EN     17 cr
PRE14EN01 5   5 cr
PRE14EN03 3   3 cr
MAP14MR01  3  3 cr
MAP14MR02  3  3 cr
MAP16EN04  3  3 cr
PRE14RA     15 cr
PRE14RA01 5   5 cr
PRE14RA02  5  5 cr
PRE14RA03  5  5 cr
PRE14KT     15 cr
PRE14KT014    4 cr
PRE14KT023    3 cr
PRE14KT035    5 cr
PRE14KT04 3   3 cr
PRE14TD     6 cr
PRE14TD01 3   3 cr
PRE14TD02 3   3 cr

Production Economics Professional Studies

72 cr
PRE14CFE     20 cr
PRE14FE013    3 cr
PRE14FE02 6   6 cr
PRE14FE03   6 6 cr
PRE14FE04  5  5 cr
PRE14MF     15 cr
PRE14MF01 5   5 cr
PRE14MF02  4  4 cr
PRE14MF03   3 3 cr
PRE14MF04   3 3 cr
PRE14PE     37 cr
PRE14PE01   3 3 cr
PRE14PE02  3  3 cr
PRE14PE03  3  3 cr
PRE14PE04   5 5 cr
PRE14PE05   5 5 cr
PRE14EA01  4  4 cr
PRE14PE06   5 5 cr
PRE14PE07  3  3 cr
PRE14PE08  3  3 cr
PRE14PE09  3  3 cr

Elective Studies

1 cr

Working Experience

30 cr
PRE14PR101010  30 cr


15 cr
PRE16EX     15 cr

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