Curricula 2015–

D = full-time studies
F = part-time studies

Master of Culture and Arts, Entrepreneurship in Arts (60 cr)

Degree: Master of Culture and Arts
Qualification title: Master of Culture and Arts
Duration of studies: 1 years
Study type: Part-timePart-time
Realization plans

Advanced Professional Studies

25 cr
EIA15IN5    5 cr

Introduction to Entrepreneurship in the Arts

The Student
- is able to plan, organise and develop their own studies into a meaningful and individual educational process
- is able to embrace a critical frame of mind and carry out a critical analysis of their own and others’ work
- has suitable academic skills and is able to take and academic approach to artistic thinking
- has adequate knowledge of artistic research and methods
-is familiar with key words and concepts within the field of art, and practices and shares expertise from different disciplines within the cultural field
5    5 cr
EIA15AW10    10 cr

Art world analysis 1

The Student
- has knowledge of contemporary phenomena in the art world, and the ability to orient themselves within different fields
- has knowledge of contemporary art movements and is able to explain their origins and interpret their expressions
- has knowledge of art history and its development, and is able to use this knowledge analytically in order to make references and draw parallels between art history, contemporary art, and their own work
5    5 cr

Art world analysis 2

The Student
- has knowledge about today’s global society and is able to compare and contrast it with their own local society in order to position themselves on the map of the contemporary art world
- is able to evaluate their own capacity to work and show their work within their field
- has the capacity to critically assess their own production, to discuss it and to communicate their ideas in the right forum
- has knowledge about producing exhibitions and production processes, and is able to assess their own strengths and limitations in the process work
- has knowledge about social and political practice within the fields of art and culture
5    5 cr
EIA15AMAS5    5 cr

Art markets and art scenes

The Student
- has knowledge about the international art market and art scenes and is familiar with some of the centers in the art world and will have visited one of these centers
- has knowledge about recurring art events like international festivals, biennials and art fairs (both for profit and non-profit), as well as the ability to orient themselves among these events
- has evaluated their options for collaborations within their chosen art form
- has knowledge about the role of the curator in contemporary art and has met selected mentors within their art form
5    5 cr
EIA15PP5    5 cr

Professional profile

The Student
- has knowledge of the communication tools available for presenting themselves as an artist (such as portfolio, artist’s statement, CV, website etc)
- has knowledge about press, media and art criticism, and is able to use them
- has created an individual action plan for their future work within the field of art
- has knowledge about copyright issues, contracts, rights and obligations within the art business
- has an insight into the pricing of works of art
- has knowledge about economy, grants and stipends, and artist residencies and is able to use this knowledge
5    5 cr


5 cr
EIA15ES5    5 cr

Elective studies

The aim of the elective studies is for the student to develop their competencies within the area of entrepreneurship as it applies to their chosen field of art..
5    5 cr


30 (25+5 cr
EIA15MT30    30 (25+5 cr

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