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The way to success in your studies

Realization plans
Code: FE10FS
Name: The way to success in your studies
Extent of studies: 12
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): Year 1: 12    Year 2:     Year 3:     Year 4:     Year 5:     
Module-specific competence: The student
- is able to develop knowledge and identify needs of development
- knows own way of learning and how to develop it, and is able to learn independently
- is able to learn with and from other people and can share knowledge within the working community
- adapts to changes and is able to find and benefit from different opportunities of learning and operating
- is able to plan, organize and develop own activities
- makes use of information and communications technology in a professional context
- is familiar with the basics and methods within research and development work and is able to accomplish small-scale R&D projects by using information from the relevant field of business
Module-specific competence (file):
Language of instruction: Svenska
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