Maritime Studies

The professional studies are completed on three levels: support, operational and management level.  

Support Level (Watchman Deck)

After completing support level including practical training (after ~ 1 year) you can apply for the certificate of competence for Watchman Deck and after that it is possible to complete the rest of your practical training as a paid crew member.

 Operational Level (Watch Officer Deck)

After completing operational level including guided practical training (after an additional 2 years) you can apply for the certificate of competence for Watch Officer Deck. This certificate requires 360 days of onboard training on ships over 500 GT. The student is responsible for finding their own practical training placements.

 Management Level (Captain)

Apart from the professional studies, common core studies and elective studies must be completed.

To be able to apply for your certificate of competence as master mariner you must complete your degree (Bachelor of Marine Technology) and gain work experience as a Chief Officer on international trade ships. The certificate of competence (Masters License) is issued by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Traficom.


The studies offer a vast variety of possible specializations. The nature of the studies is, however, such that true specialization takes place while working at sea, not during the studies. The studies provide the students with the competence and knowledge needed to begin specializing.