Nursing Studies

During the first year of studies students will read more theoretical courses, learning the basics of nursing before going on practice placements. The students will learn Swedish and Finnish during the first year to enable them to communicate with patients. Students with no or little knowledge in the above mentioned languages need to study the languages independently during the first study year .

Practice your nursing vocabulary in Swedish here

Materials and Dress Code

During your nursing studies you will need to obtain a white nurse dress (you can order a nurse dress here), which will be used during your practice placements and during practical training lessons or labs at the campus.

It is recommended that students buy the following book, which will be used throughout the studies:

  • Berman & Snyder (2012). Kozier &​ Erb's fundamentals of nursing : concepts, process and practice (9th ed.). Boston: Pearson.

Second & Third Year (terms 3 - 7)

After the initial year students will read more advanced theory and start doing practice placements in different health care settings. These different settings include elderly care, medical and surgical nursing, mental health and in depth clinical nursing care. In total the degree programme includes 75 credits of working practice.