Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Fine Arts

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Field of study: Arts and Humanities
Extent: 4 years 240 credits
Location: Low-residency
Application period: 4-18 January 2023

No admission 2022

The degree programme in Fine Arts provides you with qualifications to carry out artistic commissions and projects. The teaching focuses on developing your individual creative thinking and artistic creation. We recognize the breadth of possibilities in contemporary art and will challenge you to develop an experimental practice. The programme focuses on contemporary art and its manifold expressions and techniques.

Study objectives

The Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Fine Arts programme is low-residency, which means that students can live anywhere in the world!

The programme’s most important and primary objective is to enable the students to develop their own expression. Expression has no technical constraints. Your own ideas, visions, and individual ethics must always lead and guide your way. The teacher’s role is to act as a guide and tutor. The class will get accustomed to giving and taking constructive criticism. An important aspect of the education is sharing and learning from other student’s knowledge and experiences.

The programme is carried out as low-residency, which means one week of contact studies will be held in Campus Allegro in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari in Finland every year (suspended during Corona-pandemic). It is mandatory to visit Finland at some time during the studies to strengthen one’s personal identity and get the original version(s) of previous degree certificate(s) checked.

The course meetings are combined with independent learning studio work. These are monitored via individual guidance by teachers and in feedback-presentations with groups of students.

In parallel with the actual practice of art, students study theoretical subjects that shed light on art and society from different perspectives.

Guest teachers are attending for lectures, courses and studio visits.

Career opportunities

Bachelors of Fine Arts work within diverse fields. They can practice their profession working in a studio and exhibiting their art or reach their audience in many other ways. A bachelor of Fine Arts can also work with advertising agencies, commercial photography and many other branches where conscious production and decision making, not necessarily limited to the visual aspect, is required.


The bachelor’s thesis comprises 15 ECTS. It often acts as a link between studies and working life and provides students with an opportunity to apply theoretical models to practical problems. The thesis becomes a part of the student’s competence profile. It can consist of internal and/or external commissions, joint projects, or other projects related to working life.


According to Finnish legislation, a person who has completed a bachelor’s degree shall be qualified for offices or positions where the qualification requirement is a first-cycle degree or a bachelor’s degree. In some cases, the qualification requirement also necessitates the completion of studies within a specific field of study. The degree falls within Article 11 in the Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council regarding the recognition of professional qualifications, level d.

Tuition fees

Information about tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students at Novia UAS is found here.

Postgraduate study opportunities

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you are eligible to continue to master’s level studies.

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