Leadership and Service Design, Students’ thoughts

Students who started their studies fall 2014

 "New tools and ideas how to develop and design services for my clients and improve my own business as well."

“An education that inspires to deliver and gives you hands on knowledge. After study days I am inspired to do more with my education and work. I don’t feel tired, I am energetic and full of new ideas. I looked for something to trigger me to develop myself and my strong hunger for knowledge and self-development. This education gives it to me. I have never felt this motivated to make a change in my life and I believe that this has opened the door for me. I am thrilled with excitement.”

“We have a great group! I enjoy hearing about different industries and cultures as well as individual experiences from work etc.”

“The atmosphere is great and inspiring!”

“All the lectures has been interesting and I’ve really enjoyed the new ideas those have given to me. Although lots of tasks have been given. I’ve felt them really necessary for the orientation for the studies. The best things are other people, changing ideas, having new points of view and studying cooperative way. Discussions have been really fruitful. I’ve found really good connections and already started to create new projects with them. Thank you!”

"I would spread the good news about studying here to my friends and try to post my "best learning experience" on my social media accounts."

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