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Business English 2

Realization plans
Code: FEV17EN02
Name: Business English 2
Extent of studies: 3
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): Year 1:     Year 2: 3    Year 3:     Year 4:     Year 5:     
Prerequisites: Business English 1, 3 cr
Course-specific competence: The course enables the students to communicate more confidently, effectively, accurately and fluently in both written and spoken English, and to expand their grammatical knowledge and business English vocabulary enabling them to use a greater range of structures while speaking and writing in English.
The students will also develop their presentation skills by analysing figures, graphs, and describing trends; furthermore, they develop a broader understanding of topical international issues.
Business English students will gain a broad perspective on the business world today, while at the same time developing fluency in English.
Course-specific competence (file):
Language of instruction: English
Administering Degree Programme: Degree Programme in Business Administration, Vasa

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