Curricula 2015–

D = full-time studies
F = part-time studies

Degree Programme in social- and healthcare, Åbo (Master) (90 cr)

English translation, degree programme conducted in swedish.
Degree: Master of Health Care / Master of Social Services
Qualification title: Master of Health Care / Master of Social Services
Duration of studies: 2-3 years
Study type: Full-timeFull-time
Realization plans

Advanced professional studies

55 cr
UL10FU105   15 cr
The student

Is able to apply scientific theoretical argumentation in order to develop social and health care.

Has acquired advanced knowledge about research methods and methodology, is able to apply the methodological as well as evidence-based knowledge necessary in order to develop social and health care.

Is able to independently initialize, complete, lead and evaluate research and development projects using scientific methods.

Research methods

The student

Has gained advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research and development processes and methods.

Understands the significance of and adopts an evidence-based and ethical approach to research and development work.

Is able to analyze and produce scientific text.
55   10 cr

Advancement of knowledge and evidence based social- and healthcare

The student

Is familiar with and is able to analyze knowledge development within the area of social or health care from a scientific theoretical perspective.

Is able to evaluate and critically assess the results of research and development within one’s own field of competence.
5    5 cr
UL14SH 5   5 cr
The student

Has the ability to critically assess and compare classical and modern organization theories.

Is able to analyze social and health care organizations and can relate them to the development of society.

Has the competence to strategically and innovatively develop social and health care organizations to promote health and well-being.
SHV14HL15    15 cr
The student

Gains deep understanding of sustainable leadership on a personal leadership level, within the working community and within the organization.

Is able to identify and apply the basics of quality development and change management.

Masters the basic skills in financial management and labour legislation.

Leadership and collaboration of coworkers

The student

Is able to account for an ethical leadership and knows how to analyze, critically evaluate and develop her/his personal leadership.

Has the ability to analyze, apply and combine modern theories of leadership - health promoting, transformative, resource strengthening, positive and shared leadership - within a sustainable transformational leadership.

Is able to recognize a well-functioning and healthy community and has the ability to analyze, apply and plan methods for development of responsible leadership and a collaborative working environment.

Has the ability to relate to and function according to gender and generational awareness in leadership.
5    5 cr

Quality and change management

The student

Is able to evaluate different models of quality work within the welfare sector and knows how to handle and independently develop quality work.

Knows the theories of change management and work security and is able to apply them to service development in welfare work.

Identifies and describes examples of social innovations and entrepreneurship in welfare work and is able to analyze the role of entrepreneurship in change management based on theories of social innovations.
5    5 cr

Health economics and worker´s rights

The student

Knows how to describe and evaluate basic concepts within health economics and health care financial management, such as efficiency, productivity and financial thinking from varying perspectives.

Is able to describe the main idea of budgeting and budget tracking.

Has the ability to explain the relation between activities and budgeting.
Is able to evaluate the activity according to current legislation and government documents which lie at the basis of social and health care.

Has the ability to critically analyze issues concerning work contracts and labour standards.
5    5 cr
UL14KI510   15 cr
The student

Knows how to identify, explain and combine different leadership and development strategies in order to creatively and efficiently manage change processes in social and health care.

Is able to analyze, evaluate and work for an ethically sustainable change and development in social and health care.

Resource-based strategic and operational leadership

The student

Demonstrates knowledge and ability within the frame and substance of personnel management and can apply these on an operative level.

Is able to analyze and apply the law of social services and health care in management and the development of one’s profession.

Has the ability to critically assess the relationship between ethics, values and leadership on different levels in the organization.

Is able to motivate personnel and organize activity towards a continuous knowledge development.

Has the ability to evaluate and develop an innovative and inclusive organizational culture.
 5   5 cr

Financial management in social and health care

The student

Is able to analyze and apply financial reporting and performance.

Understands the significance of and is able to analyze and evaluate the most central tools of financial management.

Demonstrates ability in financial calculating and budgeting.

Is able to handle financial reporting.
5    5 cr

Quality management

The student is able to
- define structure, service and outcome quality and meaning of quality assurance from the different perspectives,
- identify and apply prevailing quality assessment methods and quality standards within social and health care,
- describe the most central quality management systems within social and health care,
- integrate quality assurance and quality improvement to her/his professional duties
 5   5 cr
UL14SO 5   5 cr
The student

Is able to analyze the national and international trends and future prospects of the environmental and societal development.

Has the competence to pursue societal influence in order to promote health and well-being of the people.

Adopts a perspective of leadership that is sustainably future-oriented and focused on development.


5 cr
UL10VF 5   5 cr
The student deepens and expands his/her theoretical and/or practical knowledge of the fields of competence in the area of development and leadership within social and health care.


30 cr
UL10LP1020   30 cr
The student

Is able to perform a working life-oriented development work within the field of social and/or health care according to scientific requirements and ethical principles.

Demonstrates ability to commitment and collaboration as well as to self-criticism in development-oriented work groups and in the study group.

Develops a resource based and innovative approach to development as well as leadership.

Is regarded as an expert representative of his/her field and is able to actively share the results of one’s personal development work in varying professional contexts.

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