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Drug Therapy 2

Realization plans
Code: NU15PH02
Name: Drug Therapy 2
Extent of studies: 3
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): Year 1: 3    Year 2:     Year 3:     Year 4:     Year 5:     
Course-specific competence: The student will:
-master advanced drug therapy in nursing care and recognize personal responsibility in drug handling, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
-know the active pharmaceutical ingredients
-know the generic name for drugs used when treating the most common diseases
-be able to manage the preparative procedures for intravenous (IV) therapy, endovascular treatment and blood transfusions, prepare for these procedures and treatments, and monitor the patient during and after IV-therapy and blood transfusion
-master patient guidance and documentation related to drug therapy
-understand the importance of safe drug therapy in relation to patient safety
-master calculations needed in medical and infusion treatment, and be able to dose and administer medication without error
Course-specific competence (file):
Language of instruction: English
Administering Degree Programme: Degree Programme in Nursing

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