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Professional development and leadership

Realization plans
Code: SOÅ10UL
Name: Professional development and leadership
Extent of studies: 25
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): Year 1:     Year 2:     Year 3:     Year 4: 25    Year 5:     
Module-specific competence: Socially sustainable leadership
- the student is able to function as a supervisor in a workplace community and possesses a responsible and socially sustainable attitude towards leadership and can lead himself/herself and develop his/her skills in result- and development-oriented work
Ethical approach
- the student can express his/her own ethical approach and confirms his/her skills to observe the development in his/her own professional field in theory and in practice
Interprofessional method of working
- the student can apply the expertise of the professional field in a interprofessional network
Social influence
- the student possesses capacity to handle and use media and social media as a tool in his/her work
Awareness of visions and trends
- the student can create scenarios and see trends in the social development
Module-specific competence (file):
Language of instruction: Svenska
Administering Degree Programme: Degree Programme in Social Services, Turku

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