Entrance Examination Online

Entrance examinations for the Bachelor degree programme in Nursing will be held online by FINNIPS in 2021. All applicants will be invited to the online entrance examination. Due to the pandemic, there will be no entrance examination on campus, but all applicants should participate in the online entrance examination.

Invitations will be sent by e-mail in the beginning of February. Please check your e-mail regularly, including your junk folder!

The first part of the online entrance examination will be held 5 February 2021. Applicants who reach the minimum points in the first part of the exam, will be invited to the second part of the exam that will be held 1-15 March 2021. The invitation e-mail will state the exact date and time of the exam.

Structure of the online entrance examination:

  • Part A: Written part. This part contains 2 essays. The first essay is testing the applicant’s motivation. In the second essay there is written material (text) included. The applicant is allowed to utilize this material in her/ his essay. Minimum points are 20 and maximum points are 40.
  • Part B: Group discussion. This is held to evaluate the applicant’s group discussion and spoken English skills. The minimum points are 10 and the maximum 30.
  • Only applicants that have reached the minimum points in written part (part A) will be invited to the group discussion (part B) of the exam.

All parts of the examination are compulsory for all applicants. If an applicant fails to reach the minimum points in some of the sections, the exam is failed.

From Nursing Open Path to Degree Studies

If you have completed the Open Path Nursing online programme through Novia Open UAS, you can be admitted to the degree programme in Nursing through a separate quota without participating in the entrance examination. Applicants who have completed 30 ECTS through the Nursing Open Path programme will be ranked based on their mean grade. Applicants admitted through the separate quota will be notified of their admission results prior to the entrance examination. If you are not admitted through the separate quota, you must participate in the entrance examination to be admitted.