Beauty Care

Preparatory Assignment

The entrance examination for Beauty and Cosmetics, Beauty Care includes a preparatory styling assignment and an individual interview. The preparatory styling assignment is uploaded in the online application no later than 19 February 2021. The assignment is presented by the applicant during the individual interview as a part of the examination entrance. Minimum points for the preparatory styling assignment are 20 and maximum points are 40.

The preparatory styling assignment for Beauty and Cosmetics, Beauty Care has the theme 90's Style and has following instructions:

Styling of a model – 90's Style

Create a look with hair, makeup, outfit (clothes and accessories) on a model (e.g. friend) by the theme 90's Style. The purpose is to create a look, preferably with second hand/authentic 90's clothes and accessories. Used techniques and appliances to achieve the result are optional. You must create the look by yourself and photograph the model (head to toe). You can't be the model yourself. Select 1-2 of the photographs and upload them in the online application form. Remember to select photographs that has good quality and shows every part of the look. For assessing the social, learning and work skills the assignment's criteria are creativity, ability to create a look, the overall visual look and teamwork with the model.

Entrance Examination

Entrance examinations for the Bachelor Degree Programme in Beauty and Cosmetics, Beauty Care will be held online during 9-12 March 2021. All applicants will be invited to the online entrance examination. The invitation e-mail will state the exact date and time.

Content of the Entrance Examination

For the entrance examination in Beauty and Cosmetics, Beauty Care, focus is on aptitude for the field by assessing social, learning and work skills (preparatory styling assignment), motivation and language skills (individual interview). 

Structure of the online entrance examination:

  • Part A: Preparatory Styling Assignment in a specific theme, 90's Style. The assignment is testing the applicant's social, learning and work skills. The styling assignment must be uploaded in the online application form no later than 19 February 2021. The minimum points are 20 and the maximum points are 40.
  • Part B: Individual Interview is testing the applicant's motivation and spoken English skills. The minimum points are 10 and the maximum points are 30.

The total points from the entrance examination, 70 points, are based on part A and B. All parts of the examination are compulsory for all applicants. If an applicant fails to reach the minimum points in part A or B, the exam is failed.

Applicants admitted to the programme need to take into consideration that cosmetic products are used during the studies and within the industry.

Please note that costs (e.g. tools and products) can be added during the studies.