Change of Degree Programme, Specialization and/or Study Location within Novia UAS

If you have a degree right to study at Novia UAS, you can apply for a change of degree programme, specialization and/or study location within Novia UAS when you have been registered as attending for at least one term.

A change can usually be granted for completing the same Bachelor or Master degree. This means that if you e.g. are admitted as a student to a degree programme leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, you can apply for a change to another degree programme that also leads to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering.

If you wish to change degree programme so that the Bachelor or Master degree would also change, or if you wish to transfer from another university to Novia UAS, you must apply for transfer via Studyinfo. Read more about the transfer application here.

The application for change of degree programme, specialization an/or study location within Novia UAS is made on a fixed form which you can find here. Please notice that you should log in with "", not e-mail address. You should submit your application no later than 15 November or 15 May, depending on whether you wish the change to take place from 1 January or 1 August. Even if you submit your application much earlier than the last filing date, all applications will only be processed after the deadline of 15 November/15 May. A change can usually be granted if there is a vacant study place within the degree programme/specialization you wish to change to, and if the number of places for internships is sufficient. When making a decision, the unutilized right to study is taken into account in relation to the studies to be completed.

Your application is sent to the Student Services which prepares the case. The decision on changes within the UAS is made by the Head of the Student Services on the basis of statement by the Head of Degree Programme for the receiving degree programme. You will receive a copy of the decision to the e-mail address you provide in your application (alternatively by post if you state it in your application).

In the degree regulations you can find information about changes within the UAS (§ 31) and transfer application (§ 32).