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Optional further studies in plant production A

Realization plans
Code: BE16FVA
Name: Optional further studies in plant production A
Extent of studies: 15
Rekommenderad studiegång (SP): Year 1:     Year 2:     Year 3: 15    Year 4:     Year 5:     
Module-specific competence: An agrology student must individually complete a total of 30 credits of optional studies.
Available elective studies in agricultural industries, in the form of optional in-depth studies in the field of plant and livestock production, comprise a total of 60 credits. These credits are allocated to the study units NM13VP13 Plant production (30 credits) with the courses NM13VP01 – NM13VP10, and NM13HP Livestock production (30 credits) with the courses NM13HP01 - NM13HP05.

30 credits of either plant production or livestock production is recommended to support personal profiling, but courses within the two subjects can also be combined.
It is also possible, following standard criteria, to replace optional vocational studies with other vocational studies at the university or at other universities in Finland or abroad.
The individual course choices regarding optional vocational studies are normally made in Winha.

The elective further studies in the field of plant cultivation aim to combine basic knowledge with practical applications. Basic scientific understanding makes it possible on a case-by-case basis to plan and choose correct measures.

In-depth knowledge of plant production is a prerequisite for the successful and responsible management of natural resources. Plant production requires an understanding of a crops' environmental requirements as well as the application of plant protection measures.

Soil cultivation, plant nutrition and plant protection are all aspects of cultivation that must be considered in crop planning. Courses in crop planning, interdisciplinary subjects and field studies provide students with an understanding of the relationship between individual courses and different practical factors in plant cultivation
Module-specific competence (file):
Language of instruction: Svenska
Administering Degree Programme: Agrology

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