Maritime Management


All applicants must submit a pre-task (preliminary research plan for Master’s thesis) no later than 30 January 2019. Pre-tasks submitted after the deadline will not be considered. The pre-task must be approved in order for the applicant to be invited to the entrance examination. The pre-task is evaluated on a pass or fail basis. The pre-task should be uploaded in the online application form at

The thesis work in this master’s degree programme (30 credits) is to be realized as a research and development project related to working life. As a pre-task you should write a preliminary research plan (approximately 1-2 A4 pages) in English for your thesis work with the following included:


  • a preliminary title
  • a description of the topic of your chosen development project
  • short description of the method to be used
  • background and description of why the topic is important
  • a description of how your chosen topic is connected to working life


The pre-task should be uploaded in the online application form at


Entrance Examination 

The entrance examination will be held by Internet-based communication 11 April 2019. 

 The entrance examination consists of an interview. English language proficiency will be assessed in connection with the entrance examination. The interview is based on the applicant’s pre-task.

 If you do not participate in the entrance examination you cannot be admitted. The entrance examination can give you a maximum of 100 points. You must obtain at least 20/100 points in the entrance examination to be admitted. All sections of the entrance examination must be passed in order to be considered for admission.