Entrance Examination

Note! Entrance examinations in Finland for English taught Degree Programmes at Novia UAS

In order to comply with the Finnish government recommendations due to the COVID-19 pandemic the entrance examination will not be arranged as planned in March/April 2020.

Universities of applied sciences are making joint backup plans for situation where the entrance examinations can not be conducted as planned. These backup plans will be published on Friday 27 th March.  Plans will be sent to the applicants by email and posted on the website of every UAS.


Invitation to the entrance examination

All eligible applicants will receive invitations by e-mail to the entrance examination. The entrance examination is compulsory and is held 31 March 2020 in Vasa, Finland.

The entrance examination is held in co-operation with the Nursing programmes at Novia UAS, Jyväskylä UAS and Saimaa UAS. The result in the entrance examination is valid in the co-operating UAS'.

The exact time and location of the entrance examination will be included in the invitation e-mail. All invited applicants must participate in the entrance examination in order to be considered for admission at Novia UAS.

Entrance examinations for Nursing will also be held abroad by FINNIPS network in 2020.

Content of the entrance examination

An entrance examination in Health Care places emphasis on aptitude for the field by assessing motivation, language skills and social, learning and work skills. Those admitted to the degree programme are required to have a suitable health status for the field. More information will be published later. 

Admission to the degree programme

Students are selected for Nursing using an entrance examination only. The admission score consists of totally 70 points awarded for the entrance examination.