Functional Ecology and Applications


Patrik Karell, Chiara Morosinotto, Katja Koskenpato,
Ruslan Gunko, Kia Kohonen, Martti Kujansuu 


Twitter: @ECCHO_owl

  • Patrik Karell , PI
  • Katja Koskenpato , PhD student (University of Helsinki,  Novia UAS): Mechanisms of climate-driven selection: a case study of the colour polymorphic tawny owl
  • Chiara Morosinotto , post doc: Ecophysiological adaptations to climate change
  • Kia Kohonen,MSc student (University of Helsinki): Värimonimuotoisen lehtopöllön saalisvalinta vaihtelevassa ravintotilanteessa
  • Ruslan Gunko , PhD student (Novia UAS, University of Helsinki ): State of the environment as a corner stone of societal life quality: a local scale approach (med Lauri Rapeli och Matias Scheinin).
  • Martti Kujansuu, MSc student (Novia UAS): The Utilisation of Geographic Information Systems in Finnish Municipalital Environmental Administration


Research interests

Our research aims at understanding how environmental change affect reproduction and survival in populations and how (genetic) polymorphisms and diversity are maintained. We mainly focus on understanding evolutionary adaptations to climate change and how trophic interactions (predator-prey, host-parasite) affect population and evolutionary dynamics.

The Academy research fellowship project (Spatio-temporal eco-evolutionary dynamics under environmental change, 2017-2022) dealing with tawny owl colour polymorphism currently represents the core in our research. In our research we use approaches on molecular-, physiological-, individual- and population-level with long-term data sets, detailed experiments and sampling.

We also work with more applied and multidisciplinary research questions dealing with associations between biodiversity, natural resource management, ecosystem services and economy in forestry and agriculture. In addition, we investigate the societal impacts of environmental quality and land use with the aim to develop science-based tools for sustainable natural resource management. In these interdisciplinary projects we combine expertise in evolutionary biology, political and social science, marine ecology, conservation biology, economy and agro-ecology.


 Brun kattugglaChiara and Katja in fieldGra kattuggla








  • Lund University, Sweden: Staffan Bensch, Jan-Åke Nilsson, Johan Nilsson
  • University of Lausanne, Switzerland: Alexandre Roulin
  • University of Turku: Jon Brommer
  • University of Helsinki: Aleksi Lehikoinen, Jari Valkama, Hannu Pietiäinen
  • Åbo Akademi University: Markus Öst, Lauri Rapeli
  • University of Jyväskylä: Carita Lindstedt-Kareksela