Entrance examination arrangements

konceptbild engelska: flicka i gul jacka

In order to comply with the Finnish government recommendations due to the COVID-19 pandemic the entrance examinations can not be arranged in Finland as planned. Novia UAS has made backup plans for the entrance examinations in Finland. All invited applicants affected by changes will be informed by e-mail about the exceptional arrangements on 27.3.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Novia UAS has made the following exceptional arrangements for entrance examinations to English degree programmes:

  • Maritime Managment, Captain - online entrance task 3.4.2020
  • Maritime Technology - online entrance task 3.4.2020
  • Sustainable Coastal Management - online entrance exam 2.4.2020
  • Nursing - online written exam 7.4 & online interview 15-16.4
  • Master of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Management - online entrance exam 7.4.2020


Novia's Masters programmes will arrange entrance exams as online interviews. 

  • Automation Technology
  • Autonomous Maritime Operations
  • Digital Business Management
  • Industrial Management and Engineering
  • Maritime Management
  • Service Design
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