Novia UAS has set tuition fees for non-EU/EEA degree students starting at from autumn 2017


Instead of the more traditional field of study pricing, Novia UAS has selected degree level pricing as the basis for the cost structure. In principle, the academic year will cost between 6000 euros on the bachelor level and 11 000 euros on the master level.


The decision is based on an amendment to existing legislation which took effect on 1st January 2016. The amendment decrees that all universities of applied sciences must charge tuition fees from non-EU/EEA degree-seeking students from 1st August 2017 onwards.

Legislation also stipulates that universities of applied sciences establish a scholarship system. The system will be put in place before the application period for autumn 2017 starts. At the same time Novia UAS will consider possible reductions to tuition fees, should certain academic years be completed mainly through practical training or online courses which are carried out in the workplace in the student's home country. 

Novias´s degree programmes in English 2017

Vaasa - Vasa
Bachelor's Degree in Health Care and Social Services, Dp in Nursing 7000 euro
Master's Degree in Technology, DP in Automation Technology 11 000 euro

Turku - Åbo
Bachelor's Degree in Seafaring, DP in Maritime Management, Captain 6000 euro
Bachelor's Degree in Seafaring, DP in Maritime Technology, Engineer 6000 euro
Master's Degree in Seafaring, DP in Maritime Management 9000 euro
Master's Degree in Culture and Arts/Business Administration/Hospitality Management, DP in Leadership and Service Design 9000 euro

Raasepori - Raseborg
Bachelor's Degree in Natural Resources, DP in Sustainable Coastal Management 6000 euro
Master's Degree in Natural Resources, DP in Natural Resource Management 8000 euro

More information:
Chef för studerandeservice, enhetschef Thomas Böckelman, tfn 044 762 36900

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