Study Start

The academic year 2020-2021 will commence on Monday 31st of August at 12.00 am at Wolffintie 31, Vaasa in room D 109, bottom floor. Please be on time. The first week is focused on information, introduction to academic studies and other practical matters.

Late arrivals: Students must arrive in Vaasa by 31st of August 2020. Students arriving later than the specified date are strongly urged to contact the student affairs office ( We will offer an option of digital and/or distance study for students unable to join us on campus in Finland during the autumn semester 2020.

Final School Certificates: Please bring your original school certificates, which you used in your application, with you to Finland (copies will not be accepted). The original certificates will be checked at our UAS at the start of the studies.

Medical Record: Students admitted to Novia UAS, who are non-Finnish citizens are required to show the health declaration form (Doctor’s Statement) duly filled in by a registered doctor and proof of vaccinations and laboratory tests. This needs to be done before July 10! The forms and the information concerning health status are found here:

Doctor's Statement
Information concerning health status

If you have any questions regarding the forms, please contact:
Student Health Nurse Katarina Holm, +35840 661 6356, or
Student Health Nurse Gunvi Hietamäki, +35840 673 1051,

Please send the information requested in a sealed envelope to:

The Students health Services / Katarina Holm
Novia University of Applied Sciences
Wolffskavägen 27-31 , FIN-65200 Vaasa, Finland

All information is strictly confidential and will be used by the healthcare personnel only. Please send the envelope before July 10!


Contact information

Head of Degree Programme:
Student Affairs Officer:

Irén is back from her vacation on 10th of August.   
Even during vacation, you can reach one of our student affairs officers at this e-mail