Beauty Care

 Welcome to your bachelor studies in Beauty Care at Novia University of Applied Sciences!

Study Start

The academic year 2021-2022 will commence on Monday 30.8.2021 at 12.00 pm at Campus Vasa, Wolffintie 31, Vaasa in room B117. Please be on time. The first week is focused on getting to know each other, information and introduction to academic studies.

Late arrivals: Students must arrive in Vaasa by 30.8.2021. Students arriving later than the specified date are strongly urged to contact the student affairs office ( We will offer an option of digital and/or distance study for students unable to join us on campus in Finland during the autumn semester 2021. Any questions regarding your arrival in Finland, please check the information on the website general information for new students.

Final School Certificates: Remember to bring your original school certificates, which you used in your application, with you on the first day (copies will not be accepted). The original certificates will be checked at our UAS by student affairs office.

Medical Record: Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) takes care of healthcare services and services in wellbeing of all students at universities and universities of applied sciences as of 1.1.2021.

Information video for new students 2021 (YouTube)

Good to know: In the beginning of the studies, you need to buy/take with you make-up brushes (a tool kit) and hair design tools (combs and brushes) used in practical exercises in makeup and hair courses. The students have own tool kits and the choice of tool brand is up to you. If you already have these tool kits, bring them with you. If not, be prepared to buy them in the beginning of the studies.

Contact Information

Questions regarding the degree programme may be directed to Head of Degree Programme. Questions regarding admission practicalities may be directed to Admissions Services:

Head of Degree Programme:

Student Affairs Officer:

Jaana will be back from her vacation on 9.8.2021. During vacation, contact one of our student affairs officers at