Automation Technology

We would like to welcome you to your studies at Novia University of Applied Sciences and to Master level studies in Automation Technology!

General information for new students in Novia UAS

Study start

Study Start

The academic year 2019-2020 will commence on Friday the 6 September, at 9 am at Novia UAS Campus Vasa, Wolffintie 33.  You will all meet on the second floor. Please be on time.

Remember to bring your original certificates, which you used in your application 2019, on the first day. Also bring your passport or other forms of official ID. 

Schedule for contact studies

Contact studies will mainly take place in Vasa. It is likely that excursions to other places will happen. Contact studies will be arranged approximately once a month (2-3 days/month). 

Week 36: 6 – 7.9.2019
Introduction to Master studies in Automation Technology
Scientific articles and writing
Startup of Development of Control Systems, 5 ECTS (ELA19AT02)

Week 40: 4 – 5.10.2019
Further work within Development of Control Systems
Further work within scientific articles and writing

Week 45: 8 – 9.11.2019
Startup of Dynamic Systems, 5 ECTS (ELA19AT01)
Course finish for Development of Control Systems
Introduction to the thesis work for full-time students

Week 50: 13 – 14.12.2019
Further work within Dynamic Systems
Startup of Linear and Nonlinear System Identification, 5 ECTS (ELA19AT03)

Week 2: 10 – 11.1.2020
Course finish for Dynamic Systems
Further work within Linear and Nonlinear System Identification
Startup of Multivariable Control, 5 ECTS (ELA19AT04).
Thesis follow up for full-time students

Week 6: 6 – 8.2.2020
Course finish for Linear and Nonlinear System Identification
Further work within Multivariable Control
Startup of Supervisory Systems, 10 ECTS (ELA19AT05)

Week 11: 13 – 14.3.2020
Course finish for Multivariable Control
Further work within Supervisory Systems

Week 16: 17 – 18.4. 2020
Further work Supervisory Systems

Week 19: 8 – 9.5.2020
Course finish for Supervisory Systems
Final presentation of thesis for full-time students


The studies lead to a Master degree in Automation Technology and consist of 60 ECTS; 30 ECTS advanced professional studies and 30 ECTS Master thesis.

You have the opportunity to choose if you wish to conduct your studies as full time studies (1 year) or part time studies (2 years). Most of the work included in the courses will be done as tutorials.

Contact Details

Student Affairs office

Student affairs offices are located at every campus. The Student Affairs Office at Campus Vasa can assist you with student services once you have confirmed your study place, please find further information here. Even during vacation, you can reach one of our student affairs officers at this e-mail

Head of Degre Programme