Diet for a Green Planet - Lecturers 


Malin Håkansson Malin Hakansson KTH 2017 09 4

Ph.D. in Human Factors/Ergonomics specialized in how socially sustainable working systems can be supported, both in daily work practices and during change. Teacher at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm within work environment and change management. Mindfulness teacher and change leader for a Diet for a green planet. 





Hans von EssenHansvEssen

Teacher and senior advisor at Beras international. MS in agronomy from the Agricultural University of Sweden with a broad experience of the food system. Hans was involved in the development of the concept ”Diet for a Green Planet” that helped Södertälje municipality convert its conventional food – system, serving 24 000 daily meals, to a sustainable system using more than 50% organic products without extra budget and at the same time (according to White Guide Junior) serving the best school food in Sweden.