Survey: Consumer acceptance and risk perception of insect-based aquafeed


Insects are increasingly considered as sustainable source of protein in fish feed, but what are the consumers' attitudes towards fish fed insects instead of conventional protein sources? Researchers at Novia UAS and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences asks the public their opinion on the matter.

Aquafeed made from insects has the potential to improve food and feed safety while also contributing to the circular economy. Consumers’ attitude plays a great role in the effective informed policy design as well as commercial development of insects as fish feed. Therefore, a deeper understanding of consumer behavior is required for successful development of insect-based animal feed.

A survey with two components will be conducted. First, respondents’ general attitude towards rearing insects as substitutes for conventional protein sources (e.g., soy and fishmeal) and using insects as an ingredient combined with other conventional ingredients will be examined. Second, participants’ risk-benefit attitudes will be elicited. We are also aiming to assess how providing information on the environmental benefits of insect-based meals, especially their potential to contribute to the circular economy, affects people's decisions.

The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. The survey is available both in Swedish and English.

Link to the survey in Swedish

Link to the survey in English

Partners involved:

Ashkan Pakseresht, Senior Researcher at the Department of Bioeconomics at Novia University, Finland.

Collaborator: Aleksandar Vidakovic, Head of Feed technology laboratory, Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, VH-Faculty at SLU.

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