Designing Sustainable Business – how to create a sustainable product or service?

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Novia UAS is joining Concordia's event Designing Sustainable Business on September 28th at 13:00-16:00.

Design is the key to move from a linear system towards circular economy. Most lifecycle costs and environmental burdens are determined by decisions made in the product development phase. Through circular design you can develop better products for the user, for the environment and therefore also for you. Circular design principles combine design thinking, life cycle thinking and business model development.

On the seminar you will hear presentations from Tapani Jokinen; “Sustainability starts with design”, Emma Westerlund, Novia UAS; “Competence Centre Novia Circular Design”, Dan Liljeqvist from Herrmans Bike, and Martin Willers from Sweden will talk about “Speakers designated for a circular economy”.

Competence Centre Novia Circular Design

Emma Westerlund, Head of Degree programmes and Educational Designer, Novia UAS, will give a talk on Novia UAS new master´s programme. Starting in autumn 2022, the master’s programme Circular Design (60 ECTS) will be the first educational programme of its kind in Finland, based in Jakobstad. Novia UAS is starting the journey towards building a Competence Centre in circular design, not only within education but also through Research, Innovation, Development and professional networks. Education and learning has an important role to play in the process of making circular design a natural component in all processes and all types of development.

You can attend the seminair virtually on Zoom or in person.

Please register on Concordias website.

Designing Sustainable Businesses speakers

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