Novia Research Seminar program spring 2018


Novia Research Seminar
Thursdays @ 2.p.m. in
WELCOME! Bring your own coffee

1 FEB Ulisses Camargo (University of Helsinki):
Automated species identification and rapid biodiversity assessment in Brazilian Amazon

15 FEB Jenni Poutanen (University of Turku):
White-tailed deer and management

1 MAR Aleksandra Lewandowska (Tvärminne Zoological Station):
Temporal trends in plankton diversity

15 MAR Leena Virta (University of Helsinki):
Diatoms in the Baltic Sea

5 APR Andrea Santangeli (Finnish Museum of Natural History):
Priority areas for conserving obligate scavengers and preventing bottom-up ecosystem disruptions

19 APR Lauri Kuismanen (Åbo Akademi University):
Effect of salinity on the emergence and survival of copepods

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