Publications 2012


Refereed scientific articles

Aarnos, H., Ylöstalo, P., Vähätalo, A. V. 2012. Seasonal phototransformation of dissolved organic matter to ammonium, dissolved inorganic carbon and labile substrates supporting bacterial biomass across the Baltic Sea. Journal of Geophysical Research 117, G01004

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Vehmaa, A., Brutemark, A. & Engström-Öst, J.: 2012.Maternal effects may act as an adaptation mechanism for copepods facing pH and temperature changes. PLoS One 7(10): e48538. Abstract

Vehmaa, A., Kremp, A., Tamminen, T., Hogfors, H., Spilling, K. &  Engström-Öst, J. 2012. Copepod reproductive success in spring-bloom communities with modified diatom and dinoflagellate dominance- ICES Journal of Marine Science 69: 351-357. Abstract

In press

Jaatinen, K. & Öst, M. Brood size matching: a novel perspective on predator dilution. American Naturalist (in press)

Jaatinen, K., Öst, M., Gienapp, P. & Merilä, J. Facultative sex allocation and sex-specific offspring survival in Barrow’s goldeneyes. Ethology (in press)

Jonsson, M., Deleu, P., Malmqvist, B. Persisting effects of river regulation on emergent aquatic insects and terrestrial invertebrates in upland forests. River Research and Application (in press, published online in Wiley Online Library. DOI: 10.1002/rra.2559)


PhD Thesis

Vehmaa, A. 2012. Climate driven changes in temperature, pH and food quality -Effects on copepod reproduction. PhD thesis. Åbo Akademi University, Juvenesprint, Turku ISBN 978-952-12-2792-9  Avhandling

Mtwana Nordlund, L. 2012. People and the intertidal - human induced changes, biodiversity loss, livelihood implications and management in the Western Indian Ocean. PhD thesis. Åbo Akademi University, Finland.  Painosalama Oy ISBN: 978-952-12-2776-9 Avhandling


Popular articles

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Kraufvelin, P. GAME – forska lokalt, tolka resultaten globalt. Finlands Natur 4: 28-30.

Vaalgamaa, S. & Vähätalo, A. Oönskat världsarv i våra vatten. Finlands Natur 2, s. 12-13.


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