Andreas Lindén


Senior Researcher, PhD, Docent (Adjunct Professor)

Bioeconomy Research Team
Raseborgsvägen 9
FI-10600 Ekenäs


I am a theoretical ecologist with a wide range of interests within the field of population ecology and behavioural ecology. I am particularly dedicated to link empirical data to statistical models, which are tailored to provide explicit answers to ecologically relevant questions. I strive to jointly investigate practical ecological questions, develop ecological theory and methodology, as all these are linked to each other. Birds have been my focal study system, analysed in the light of various long-term data sets from monitoring programmes and birds observatories, but I am interested in other taxa and study systems as well.

I studied biology at the University of Helsinki (Finland), with ecology and evolutionary biology as my major subject. My PhD thesis was about statistical modelling of environmental effects in population dynamics, supervised by Esa Ranta and Veijo Kaitala. After this I worked three years as a post doctoral researcher at the University of Oslo, studying bird migration phenology and its population dynamical consequences, supervised by Nils Chr. Stenseth.

Research interests

  • Environmental effects on populations
  • Effects of hunting and predation
  • Time series analysis
  • Spatial population dynamics
  • Variation in demographical parameters
  • Movement and habitat choise
  • Migraiton and phenology
  • Acoustic communication and analysis


Current projects


Read more about my ongoing research and future plans at the Statistical Population Ecology home page.


Scientific publications in peer reviewed journals

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