Student Union Noviums greeting at the opening ceremony

novium inskription

Board member Petra Hannus greeting from the Student Union Novium

Best pricipal, deans and personell. Dear Students and invited guests.

Also on behalf of Student Union Novium, we wish you warmly welcome for this academic year, with studies and work.

The academic year has already started, and with that the Union have had it’s first events. We have also have had time to participated in some of the freshmen initiation rites arranged by the student organizations at Novia. We hope that you who participated enjoyed as much as we did!

In this academic year there are a lot of exciting things going on. We have a big move is coming up. Seriegatan/Sarjakatu is changing it’s address into Wolffskavägen/Wolffintie. Novium is looking forward to this and we are excited to have more students at Brändö/Palosaari.

In the process of moving there is something important, which I wish we all should consider. The social gathering. It is two schools that will be sharing the building. And if that wouldn’t be enough, there are different cultures gathering. To spend time together, despite being from different corporations, is something that I wish that we all try out. Speaking different languages shoudln’t be a obsticle for hanging out. Vaasa is a good example of how the several languages can prosper side bt side. Usually in Vaasa, if you for example start in Finnish, the other person can asnwer in Swedish, and there is still an mutual understanding of the conversation. And if that would not work out, English is the go to language. So I encourage you, to take this possibilty, to make new friends and learn new things.

The student union’s core responsibility is everyone’s well-being. I wish that dispite the big change and the challenges that will come, that we have an understanding for one another and the two corporations which also will be sharing the building. These kind of things take time, which they should. I am convinced that in the end this is something that will strengthen boths schools, and above all, their students.


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