Finnish university of applied sciences system raises interest in China

The Finish system of universities of applied sciences was a focus of attention during a visit by a delegation led by Minister of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen to Beijing and Hong Kong on 9 - 11 October, 2017. Teacher training at our universities of applied sciences, models for collaboration with companies, and innovation activities raised a good deal of interest. All the parties met during the trip were also interested in the development of student mobility and common programmes, and on cooperation at the university administration level.

Arene signed important cooperation agreements during the visit

At the organisational level one of the trip's important agreements was signed at a ceremony held at the Finnish Embassy in Beijing on 9 October 2017 concerning cooperation between Arene and CCIEE (China Center for International Educational Exchange).


Present at the signing ceremony were Minister Sanni Grahn-Laasonen and Ambassador Jarno Syrjälä. Signing on behalf of Arene were Juha Kämäri, President of the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, and Arene Executive Director Riitta Rissanen. (Photo: Martin Suski)

On the same day a joint seminar was held between the business delegation and the representatives of CCIEE, in which experts from the field of universities of applied sciences and Arene presented information on the activities of Finnish universities of applied sciences, especially from the point of view of educational exports and international degree programmes.

CCIEE is a national organisation under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, whose task it is to speed up and implement international educational cooperation. Working together with CCIEE is CEAIE (China Education Association for International Exchange), which focuses on establishing students' cooperative degree programmes, student exchanges, and dual degree programmes with Chinese institutions of higher education, students, and international institutions of higher education.

An agreement was also signed between Arene and The National Academy of Education Administration (NAEA) during the trip. The signing of this agreement took place on 10 October 2017.

Present at the signing ceremony of the NAEA agreement were NAEA representatives, Jouni Kangasniemi of the Ministry of Culture and Education as well as Juha Kämäri and Riitta Rissanen of Arene.

NAEA is an organisation founded in 1955, which operates in connection with the Chinese Ministry of Education. Its main task is to serve as a national centre by training university personnel, administrators, and teachers, for instance, in the implementation of educational reform. NAEA also supports research connected with higher education and teaching, and operates as a network in international connections.

Arene – CSDP seminar

A seminar between Arene and CSDP was held during the trip, in accordance with an agreement made in connection with the signing of a cooperation agreement between Arene and CSDP in the summer of 2017.

The purpose of the seminar was to examine the development of a model of higher education in China along the lines of the universities of applied sciences. China is in the midst of a higher education reform with a special focus on strengthening vocational education and vocationally oriented higher education.

CSDP is especially interested in business cooperation in higher education. Other key forms of cooperation are connected with matters including teacher training and cooperation in the university director network.



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