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The Nordic Icing Centre of Expertise (NoICE) project, coordinated by Novia UAS, began as a response to the issues faced by forestry workers in winter and grew to become a larger scale project with the main purpose of creating an Excellence Centre dedicated to tackling atmospheric icing problems within the public and private sectors in the Nordic region.

Novia UAS is working closely with higher education institutions from Sweden and Finland to assist the stakeholders of multiple industries with their atmospheric icing problems within the Botnia Atlantica region.

In addition to collectively problem-solving icing related issues, a cross-industry communication network of companies and organisations is being established to aid better collaboration going forwards.

Currently, the NoICE project is also curating a Wikipedia page which aims to provide further information on different features of icing and the terminology related to it. The Wikipedia is still under construction but can be found here.

The Excellence Centre focuses on the transfer of knowledge regarding new icing control technologies through educational opportunities and courses which support stakeholders from various industries.

About the Project

Coordinated by: Novia University of Applied Sciences

In collaboration with: Umeå University (Sweden), Luleå University of Technology (Sweden), University of Vaasa (Finland), and Tampere University (Finland).

Funded by: Interreg Botnia-Atlantica

Duration of Project: 07.09.2018 - 28.02.2022

Further Information: https://www.novia.fi/forskning/fui/specialkunnande/hallbar-energiteknik/projekt-inom-hallbar-energiteknik/noice-noice-nordic-icing-center-of-expertise



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