Art and Science Seminar ‘City as a living organism’

How do we create a holistic urban environment? Ten experts of different areas of Science and Art come together to discuss and work concretely on site. The experts start already on 27th of May by building a house together. This sketch of a house will be the base for the seminar next day during which the audience can walk around and listen to lectures.

The experts

About the seminar

The seminar will be held at Novias campus in Raseborg, in restaurant Atrium, 28th May 10am - 5pm. The seminar starts with each expert giving a presentation about their point of view from the building session on the previous day, and ends with a panel discussion. During the seminar you can buy refreshments and lunch at the cafeteria. The seminar will be held in English and is free of charge.

More information

The seminar is organized by AKU- visual acupuncture in collaboration with Pro Artibus and The research- and development institute Aronia and Novia University of Applied Sciences.


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