Actions at Novia UAS due to Coronavirus preparedness

Novia UAS takes action to reduce the risk of spreading infection on our campuses. Students and staff are informed about the actions via e-mail. Novia will update this information in August. 

About studies in the autumn

At Novia UAS we plan to open our campuses right away from early autumn, this will be done with caution and abiding current safety directives. In short, the plan looks like this:

  • New students start their studies on campus at the end of August.
  • For older students, some of the teaching can be arranged on campus and some remotely. The Head of Degree Programme or Dean will inform how the studies are arranged within your degree programme.
  • Teaching that requires specific spaces or equipment will be conducted on campus.
  • All of Novia’s English taught degree programmes will offer an option of digital and/or distance study for students unable to join us on campus in Finland during the autumn semester 2020.

The situation can of course change, and if so, we will inform more in August.