Actions at Novia UAS due to Coronavirus

Updated on 12.1.2022

Novia UAS adapts to the Coronapandemic (Covid-19) in accordance with government instructions and in accordance with guidelines agreed upon with other Universities of Applied Sciences. Novia strives for to give our students as normal workdays as possible. 

Travelling to Finland?

Read more about the current Corona situation and travel restrictions on the following sites: 


Distance studies and necessary contact teaching until 31st January

  • Teaching is held remotely, but necessary contact teaching can be arranged on campus.
  • No student events are allowed on campus.

This applies until 31st January 2022.

The Deans provide more detailed information within their faculties. Course Coordinators will inform how this effects your studies.



  • Masks should be worn at all times. You can bring and use your own mask on campus. Novia will provide masks for learning situations.
  • Studies on campus will be prioritized. The Head of Degree Programme will decide which studies will be conducted remotely to reduce the number of people on campus. The Head of Degree Programme will inform how studies are arranged within your degree programme.
  • Teaching that requires specific spaces or equipment will be done at campus or in other appropriate facilities. Novia offers students protective equipment in exercises where physical contact cannot be avoided, such as simulations. Novia will provide masks for teaching situations. 
  • If you have been abroad you should follow recommendations given by Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). Finentry provides information on travels and Corona test. 
  • Students who choose to study or practice abroad during spring 2022 shall go through the risks and challenges related to the pandemic with Novia’s international coordinators.
  • Novia follows the situation concerning the pandemic and is prepared to act on short notice if required.

Students from other countries

  • We accept foreign degree students, including Double Degree students.
  • Part of the studies are possible to carry out remotely in our degree programmes in English. The Faculty of Technology and Seafaring require students physical presence for practical studies.
  • Novia will accept exchange students from our partner universities in EU/ETA during spring 2022. 
  • FAQ concerning admissions is found on the page for admissions. 

Student events are allowed on campus

  • Events are allowed on Novia’s campus again. If the event is arranged in the evening (after 18), the organizer shall notify about the event in a form, which is found on Novias intranet. Each event organized on campus shall have a contact person, who can be contacted, if necessary, by Tommy Nyman, Novia’s Manager of Facilities and Safety.


  • Use face masks on Campus. Students gets face masks at the start of each lesson.
  • When you visit campus, keep social distance, wash your hands with soap and follow safety measures.
  • Stay at home if you feel symptoms of respiratory infection.
  • Hand sanitizers can be found at the exits, student restaurants and common spaces.

Service at Campus

  • From 2021 student healtcare is run by Finnish student health care, this service is available for degree students. Exchange students are reffered to local public healthcare providers. 
  • Libraries informs about opening hours and policies on their own websites.
  • Student services can be contacted by email, more information and contact information is found on Novias intranet (requires login)
  • Remember to keep good hand hygiene, follow safety measures and social distance when visiting us!


  • Cleaning has been intensified in all facilities.


  • Hand sanitizers has been placed out on campus
  • Plexiglas will are installed for some of our serivce points. 
  • Masks and other safety equipment will be handed out in teaching situations where social distance is not possible


Regional recommendations

The Hospital Districts give restrictions and recommendations locally. The recommendations are based on national recommendations and implemented depending on the local situation. 

Take care of your self

  • Stay at home if you feel symptoms of respiratory infection. If you get symptoms or suspect infection, contact your local healthcare providers.
  • Remember good hygiene at all times.
  • It is important that students and staff follow the recommendations set by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, which can. be found on this site.

For staff

Novia's staff are campus based

The staff are campus based.


Work-related travels abroad are assessed by case by case-bases, as is receiving of guests. The evaluation is based on the necessity of the trip and recommendations of Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.